Corporate Culture

One of our company's greatest assets is our culture. Pinnacle has an excellent work atmosphere. There is very little drama and almost no gossip. There is a lot of teamwork and most people get along very well. In addition to that, we have a high standard for customer service. Our culture is priceless.

As the CEO, I usually get credited for that culture. The truth is, it's not my culture. Pinnacle's culture is a combination of all the personalities, ethics, experiences, habits, interests, assumptions, attitudes, etc., of the people who work here.

Our secret at Pinnacle for having a great culture is that we have figured out how to hire the right people. We know what type of people fit in at Pinnacle. They must be people who will help enforce the culture. This is why we hire for "fit" before skill set.

If someone has a great personality and fits in with our team, we can train them how to do their job. We can't train someone how to fit into our team.

Obviously, our preference is that they have the skill set AND the cultural fit, but if push comes to shove, culture wins.