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Pinnacle helps senior care providers improve the patient experience. We also help businesses retain their employees. We primarily do this through different types of customer and employee survey platforms.

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I am interested in pinnacle’s services

Pinnacle Quality Insight offers feedback and measurement tools to help you improve your customer and employee satisfaction. Our Customer Satisfaction telephone interviews provide more information than is possible through any other contact method. Our employee satisfaction and retention software helps you communicate with your staff more consistently and effectively, especially in the first 100 days of employment.

To learn more about our products, request a demo, call us at 877.791.2311, or email us.

I was contacted by pinnacle

Yes, thanks for reaching back out. Pinnacle is a post-acute care satisfaction measurement company. It’s most likely we were calling because you, or someone you care for, is or has recently been in a skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, etc.

If you’re an employee at a post-acute care facility, we were probably reaching out to talk with you about how you’re liking your job. Pinnacle provides employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. We provide a platform that enables managers to communicate with their employees more effectively. Employees who communicate with their managers through RETAIN during their first 100 days of employment are more likely to stay with the company and enjoy their work.

If you have concerns or would like to talk with someone about an interview, please call us at 877.791.2311 or email us.

I am curious about employment with pinnacle

We are always looking for talented and personable people to work with us at Pinnacle. If you want to be part of a great team and make a difference in the world, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Pinnacle teams with post-acute and long-term care facilities to provide actionable data that can help them make lasting improvements in customer experience. Pinnacle measures and helps improve patient satisfaction for senior care providers. Pinnacle has been providing surveys for post-acute care since 1996. As a result, we have extensive knowledge regarding what drives overall satisfaction in senior care. Additionally, we are always gathering feedback from our clients and the industry about the needs and current conditions. We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you get a better understanding of levels of care your long-term care partners are providing.

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I am Looking to Reduce my employee turnover

After carefully listening to our clients’ needs, we have created an employee retention software suite that collects employee feedback from new hire surveys, engagement surveys, and exit surveys. Through this feedback, RETAIN identifies employees who are at risk of terminating and prompts you to help those employees. The online software also tracks key milestones, such as birthdays and employee anniversaries. One of RETAIN's most useful features is that it tracks all incoming feedback and employee milestones, prompting your managers about what simple tasks need to be done each day to keep employees feeling engaged and valued.

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When it comes to choosing a senior care provider, it can help to see what current patients and residents are saying about the care they have received there. Pinnacle’s website,, does just that. Search by area for a provider. Find general information for the provider and read reviews on the facility. See which providers have received Pinnacle’s customer experience awards due to high levels of customer satisfaction.