8 Ways to Promote Growth

Benjamin Franklin

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was a proponent of education? He came up with the idea of a shared library so that books and resources could be available to more people. He was a scientist and inventor, always looking for innovative ways to improve the world around him. He also created a system to develop his character by incorporating 13 virtues into his character. Benjamin Franklin is one of America’s most influential Founding Fathers. He was a great contributor to society, in part, because he was always learning and growing.

You can help your company become a place of innovation and progression by fostering an environment of learning. This, in turn, can help your employees feel greater job satisfaction.

8 Ways to Promote Growth

  1. Create a library of inspirational and educational books relevant to your employees’ needs and skills sets. Allow them to set aside 10 minutes each day to read. Quarterly, encourage them to share something they read that has helped them in their job.

  2. Encourage educational opportunities - online resources, local classes, classes through work.

  3. View failure as an opportunity to learn.

  4. Promote activities and interactions that can strengthen interpersonal relationships.

  5. Support authenticity.

  6. Provide time to collaborate as a group.

  7. Teach, or learn as a group, leadership skills that everyone can incorporate.

  8. Reward thinking outside of the box.

These opportunities for growth can give your employees a paradigm shift, allowing them to reconsider the issues they face and find ways to resolve them.

“Innovation is not so much about having ideas as it is about connecting and nurturing ideas…We can’t be innovative unless we integrate learning into our work.”

Harold Jarche

The problems you may feel are unsolvable may have resolutions you wouldn’t have considered previously. By encouraging opportunities for your employees to grow, you can create an environment that promotes positive change, achievement, and success. In addition to finding solutions to problems, you can also help your employees feel greater meaning in their work.