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Telephone surveys that help You be A better provider.

We interview, by phone, seniors and their family members about their care experience. The interview is short and pleasant for the respondent. Our interviewers transcribe the responses, allowing the respondent to speak freely, explaining their ratings and providing candid feedback. We create and distribute reports promptly, so you can view timely feedback and address issues as they are brought up. If a customer comments about litigation, risk management, discharging due to dissatisfaction, or state involvement, we let you know immediately so you can take quick action to resolve issues.

The purpose of the survey is to understand your patients' experiences, identify opportunities for improvement, and learn directly from your patients and their loved ones how to strengthen those areas that need work. We help you do that by giving you the customer feedback you need to make the right adjustments.

 See how our satisfaction surveys work

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Increased Overall Satisfaction

68% of new clients saw an increase in their average “overall quality of stay” rating after two years of Pinnacle customer satisfaction.


Increased Length of Stay

Patients who are more satisfied with their stay are more likely to stay for the entire length of their treatment plan. Additionally, Pinnacle interviews discharged patients to ask how they are adjusting to their new surroundings.

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Customer Satisfaction surveys are a lot more than simply gathering customer comments and scores.

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We understand how important it is to help your newly discharged customers successfully transition out of your care without readmitting into the hospital. This is why we have a question in the Discharge interview that asks customers how they are doing now that they have discharged from your location. If a customer responds in the interview that they feel they need additional medical care or support, we will notify you immediately.

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Comment Alerts

Comment Alerts help diffuse serious complaint issues. Clients receive an immediate notification, along with a copy of the interview, when any of the following items are mentioned during a phone survey:

  • Discharge because of dissatisfaction

  • State involvement

  • Litigation

  • Risk management issues (medication, injury, etc.)

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Data Tiles & Focus Areas

Pinnacle makes it easy for you to quickly see how your location(s) are doing. This high-level indicator shows your overall recommend to others rating, how it compares to the national average, your location’s focus area, how you’re currently scoring in that area, and trending information for both scores.

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My.Pinnacle Client Portal

Pinnacle uses a secure and HIPAA compliant portal to house its data. This portal is called My.Pinnacle. When a new report is ready, you will receive an email with a link to the password-secured report in My.Pinnacle. The My.Pinnacle report interface shows which reports you have opened and which reports are new.

You can access any data according to the organization level to which you have been given permission (e.g. divisional users can access regional and facility reports for any region or facility in their division).

MyPinnacle Discussion Tasks


Discuss survey responses and reports securely in the My.Pinnacle portal. Ensure other users quickly see your discussion comments by tagging specific users. Create tasks in the Discussion area for reports that you or others can complete and mark off. Discussions and Tasks make it easier for you to follow up on feedback, increase accountability, and verify that tasks are getting completed.

Customer Experience Awards Options

Customer Experience Awards™

Pinnacle issues Customer Experience Awards™ to those providers who finish the calendar year in the 85th percentile or higher. There are awards available for each category in the survey. Those clients who qualify for an award have the option of ordering:

  • Crystal plaques

  • Window clings

  • Press release templates

  • Website badges


Employee Recognition Certificates

Caregivers are often recognized by name during a customer satisfaction survey. Let your staff know when someone has recognized them in a survey. Present your staff with a customized employee certificate during a staff meeting.

Easily add your logo, company name, the employee’s name, and date. Finish off the certificate by printing it on cardstock and signing it.

Kaniesa Shields  Director, Account Management

Kaniesa Shields

Director, Account Management

Excellent Customer Service

At Pinnacle, you come first. We are here to help you get quick, thorough answers. Your dedicated account manager is available via telephone, email, and direct message through the My.Pinnacle discussion page when you include @Pinnacle in your message. Your nursing home surveys and assisted living surveys are our focus.




National Averages

Because almost all of our skilled nursing facility (SNF), assisted living (AL), and independent living (IL) clients use our core survey tool, you can see how you compare to other providers of the same care type in the nation.

Summary Reports

Pinnacle provides summary reports with averages, ranks, benchmarks, and unit comparisons for each hierarchical level within an organization (corporate, divisional, regional, and facility).

Commentary Summaries

See comments by question type, date, and rating. Focus on a specific question and learn directly from the residents and their loved ones. Use this report to identify specific opportunities for patient-centered care improvement.



Get notified immediately if a patient survey mentions the following: discharge due to dissatisfaction, state involvement, litigation, or risk management issues.

Best-in-Class (85th Percentile)

Pinnacle publishes an 85th percentile comparison for all providers using the Pinnacle core survey tool.

Executive Summary for Board Members

Share quarterly customer satisfaction scores and benchmarks in board meetings.

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What Makes Us Different

To make this happen easily and naturally for you, we have designed a healthcare customer satisfaction tool with the following benefits:

provide resident- & Patient-centered care

We believe healthcare should be evaluated the same way it is administered—individually. 91% of respondents include their name with their responses. This allows you to provide a more personal follow up with those who have concerns.

Get Feedback Monthly

Healthcare is fluid. To have an accurate understanding of your skilled nursing facility's operations, you must have ongoing customer feedback. Interviewing patients over the phone enables us to complete the entire survey process in a matter of days.

A positive user experience

The phone survey is designed to be short and conversational so it becomes a positive experience for the respondent. During the phone interview, customers feel engaged in the process. Once they are done with the phone interview, they feel the satisfaction of being heard.


Receive more information through our phone interview process than is possible through any other contact method.


Data-Rich Commentary

We ask open-ended questions, rating questions, and to explain why they gave those ratings. Because of this and our phone survey process, we receive more information than is possible through any other contact method. Get greater insight into what your location is doing well and how it can improve. This is the simplest way to understand how to improve your elderly care.

Experienced, locally based

All of our interviewers are located in Utah and don't work in a "call center." They are on average 35 years old with two years experience interviewing patients. We have interviewers who are fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Balanced Pool of Patients

Sampling new patients, long-term patients, and recently discharged patients helps establish an accurate depiction of what is happening within a facility. Typically, patients and their interested parties will have slightly different perceptions of what is happening. It is important to understand the perspectives of both in elderly care.



It is imperative that the results of a customer satisfaction tool be accurate. We have had our patient survey tools validated, obtain very good confidence intervals, and ensure completeness. Additionally, we train our interviewers, review calls, and follow strict quality assurance guidelines.



In order for a patient survey to be valid, the phone survey tool must have been checked and verified to indeed measure what it purports to measure. Pinnacle's health care survey tool has been checked and validated.


Sample sizes and populations have an inverse relationship. If the population is smaller, the percentage of patients sampled must be higher.

Our phone process and high participation rate enable us to obtain a reliable confidence interval, or margin of error, even at the facility level. Other patient feedback survey companies struggle to provide this because their participation rate at the facility level is too low.


Rather than a one-time annual elderly care survey to your entire census, Pinnacle parses out smaller samples of your overall census and conducts monthly phone interviews. Our clients are always in touch with how customers perceive changes to programs and personnel.

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We Understand Your Market

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Pinnacle serves more than 2,100 geriatric care providers in 50 different states, as well as parts of Canada and Puerto Rico. This exposure helps us understand the distinct needs and challenges facing our clients across their varying markets.