Patient and CNA

Providing solutions through a human connection.

Our care provides patients and their families with the personalized attention that they deserve. Instead of sending them paper surveys, we reach out to them over the phone. This provides greater convenience for respondents and enables us to gather more details than you would with a paper survey.


What Are CAHPS® Surveys?

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) measures the experiences of patients who received care and their primary caregivers. Pinnacle is an approved HHCAHPS survey vendor.


home Health CAHPS®

Home Health CAHPS® surveys are even better when you use Pinnacle. Reports are easy to understand and interviews are personal.

CNA & Patient

Hospice CAHPS®

Pinnacle's Hospice CAHPS® surveys follow all requirements and provide a positive experience for family members.


Pinnacle Benefits

Pinnacle interviewers call your patients and responsible parties to gather feedback about the care they are receiving. Pinnacle administers CAHPS® Surveys with the personalized attention that they deserve. With the telephone approach, we are able to gather more details than is possible through any other method.

Holding Hands

Pinnacle’s CAHPS® Surveys Include:

  • Immediate access to your account manager

  • Detailed monthly reports with actionable data

  • Valuable commentary for quality improvement

  • High response rates

  • Easy-to-understand reports

  • Personable telephone interview

  • Real-time Comment Alerts

  • Trending data

  • National benchmark comparisons

  • Clear indicators of where to improve

  • Useful comments from respondents

  • Employee recognition certificates

  • Experienced customer support team

  • Turnkey implementation


What Makes Pinnacle Different

A lot of the benefits that Pinnacle offers to our clients derive from the fact that we specialize in personal, caring and professional contact with the client and their families. We realize we represent you and your image as well as our own. We take great pride in knowing that our interactions with the family are respectful, individual, and compassionate, while still eliciting the information you need, to constantly improve your quality of care.

We are a Phone-Only Vendor

This allows us to give a high service message rather than an impersonal mail survey. For the families of those who were using hospice, we realize the survey will be conducted with bereaved family members or friends. A phone call to those people sends a clearer message that they are important and valued than a mailed survey does.

We capture Comments

It also allows us to capture reasons why they feel the way they do about the quality of care. Based on their responses, we can ask additional drill-down questions. If a respondent comments on issues such as litigation, medication, or other problematic topics, we will immediately alert you.

We practice what we preach

When you work with Pinnacle, you get the added value of our experience and advice. Those are not just words. We follow them with every client, knowing our actions speak louder than words.


With Pinnacle, you also get the value that comes with experience in senior and end-of-life care. We put that experience to work for you. Our surveys are designed to be more personable, while drawing out what the family has to say about quality of care and your business.