Story from a Client

One of our new clients recently told me a story about how our satisfaction surveys had impacted one of their facilities.

The facility received a survey from a resident's daughter who was pretty upset. She felt the facility wasn't including her mother in any of the activities at the facility. Her mother was really bored and lonely there.

The administrator at this facility was surprised by the feedback because she knew this resident really well. She happened to know the resident had been involved in most, if not all, of the activities.

The administrator reached out the the daughter and had a conversation with her to understand her frustrated feelings a little better. The administrator told her she was very active there and even sent over some pictures of her participating in the activities.

The daughter was surprised and realized that her mother had been trying to make her feel bad for not visiting enough by telling her how bored she was. The daughter felt some remorse and realized she needed to make a better effort to visit. She also realized the facility had been doing a great job.

I liked this example because it illuminates how some open communication can solve problems. After the survey opened the lines of communication, an upset customer became a satisfied and loyal customer, acknowledging this care provider's excellent work. Furthermore, a relationship between a mother and daughter was positively impacted.