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Pinnacle Quality Insight

Individuals matter most.


We Know How You Feel

Pinnacle offers healthcare customer satisfaction measurement to senior care providers. Pinnacle's feedback process is based off the idea that healthcare should be evaluated just like it is administered, individually. This process is the easiest way for senior care providers to understand the voice of their customer.

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advancing excellence by the numbers
  • 96 percent of healthcare customers who answer the phone agree to go through a Pinnacle phone-based interview
  • 98 percent of those who go through Pinnacle interviews choose to attach their name to the survey
  • 6 paragraphs of commentary are transcribed on an average Pinnacle interview
  • 89 percent of feedback is positive, which is delivered straight to you for staff recognition/appreciation
  • 430 “comment alerts” are sent to customers during an average month--prompt notifications of urgent needs
  • 50 states are currently using the Pinnacle healthcare customer satisfaction interviews for their facilities
96% 98% 6 430 50 Advancing Excellence
Immediate notification of Urgent needs

Comment Alerts™ may be delivered after an advancing excellence interview for immediate notification of urgent needs. If a respondent mentions:

• Litigation
• Safety Issues
• State Involvement
• Severe Dissatisfaction
• Medication Issues

We alert the provider within 24 hours. Time is of the essence when any of these issues may arise. We help you get them resolved quicker with prompt notification.

430 Advancing Excellece - Healthcare Customer Satisfaction
50 States currently use Pinnacle

Pinnacle serves more than 2100 care providers in 50 states, as well as parts of Canada, D.C., and Puerto Rico. This exposure to healthcare customer satisfaction helps us understand the necessary steps for advancing excellence in the industry and the distinct needs and challenges facing our clients across their varying markets.

96% of people prefer to talk to us

96% of those contacted choose to complete our surveys! We offer a phone-based healthcare customer satisfaction interview. Seniors, and their family members, prefer to tell their story, rather than having to write it down, which paints a more accurate picture of the care experience.

Advancing Excellence for Healthcare Customer Satisfaction
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