Promote enables you to get feedback from patients who have provided feedback to Pinnacle. When Pinnacle receives patient contact information, Pinnacle can message patients and ask them to leave a review on Google, Facebook, and other review platforms.

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Show Off Your Feedback

Share the great comments your customers are providing easily through Promote. These reviews can help potential customers feel confident that your location is a great fit for them.

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How It Works

Using the contact information you provide, we text message your customers to ask for an online review. We text customers because the link sends them directly to the Google review page. In order to give a Google Review, they must be logged in to their Google Account, which most people are on their mobile phone. Thus, making an easier, seamless experience for your customers. You can monitor the new reviews through the Google app, Google My Business.

Promote gets you more reviews, leverages these free Google features, and results in a much stronger web and Google Maps presence.


To be compliant with Google’s terms and conditions, organizations cannot solicit responses from all of their customers at once and cannot selectively solicit positive responses.

Option 1 – Solicit Google Reviews from discharged residents

We send a text to each resident and primary family member that discharges each month to thank them for their stay and invite them to leave a review. This option will likely result in the most reviews. Some negative reviews may show up; however, the amount of positive reviews should outweigh the negative ones.

Option 2 – Solicit Google Reviews from residents/family members after they conduct a Pinnacle satisfaction survey

Each month, we send text messages to anyone who completed a survey. It thanks them for choosing your company and asks them to leave a review. You will already know what type of feedback they are going to leave, so the reviews will not come as a surprise. It is likely you will receive fewer reviews, but this may be a good option if you are unsure what type of feedback you are going to get online.


What We Track:

  • How many people click on the link.

  • How many overall texts we send.

  • Who has received a text, so they don’t get texted again.