We've Launched RETAIN


We’re pleased to officially launched our new employee engagement software, RETAIN. For the last two years, we’ve been working on a solution to help with the workforce shortage. RETAIN does just that. We are incredibly proud of it.

The Celebration

After lots of hard work to create RETAIN, our office celebrated the product launch. These are some of the photos from our party.

RETAIN flyer
Cookies & Cake.jpg

The party started with comments from Chris Magleby (CEO), Stan Magleby (President & Founder), and Jeff Ellsworth (VP, Information Systems).

Chris speaking
Chris speaking 2
Stan speaking
Stan speaking 2
Jeff speaking
Party 22.jpg

We celebrated with branded cake and cookies, and sparkling beverages. We also all received a bag of goodies at our desks to keep celebrating after the party ended.

Party 15.jpg
Party 19.jpg
Jessica & Chris.jpg
Party 21.jpg
Party 16.jpg
Party 20.jpg
Party 17.jpg
Toast 1.jpg
Toast 8.jpg
Toast 6.jpg