Pinnacle's Presence Continues to Climb

Pinnacle Climbs the National Ladder by Adding their 47th State

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 16, 2011 - Pinnacle Quality Insight (, a business to business company offering phone-based customer satisfaction interviews for senior and long-term care, have recently added Nebraska and Alaska as their 46th and 47th state where long-term care and home health facilities are clients.

"In an economy that continues to struggle to get on its feet, we are even more aware of what this growth means," says Chris Magleby, Vice President of Pinnacle. "The opportunity this provides is not lost on us. We want to continue to better position ourselves so that we can provide our clients the most accurate picture of the trends in this business."

Pinnacle's leading product is their customer satisfaction surveys, but continues to also be a leader for employee retention, census development and CAHPS surveys. Pinnacle is the only customer satisfaction provider to conduct phone-based interviews with their clients instead of mailed surveys, an idea conceived by Stan Magleby, CEO of Pinnacle.

Pinnacle is not new to the long-term care industry. Founded in a small home office by Magleby in 1996, he was a facility administrator looking to make a difference, and has done so by building relationships, offering a product he felt he needed, and wanted to offer to other administrators.

"You can't beat the experience we're offering," said Magleby. "We boast a high retention rate with our clients because we don't just offer numbers; we're offering a blueprint to help change your business. We're making a difference."

The 22 question customer satisfaction interview contains a broad range of questions, and is specifically designed to evoke open-ended feedback from the patients. The interview always offers patients or their families the opportunity to remain anonymous, but 98% of the patients choose to attach their name to the survey. This allows facilities to immediately address concerns, and reward good practices.

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About Pinnacle Quality Insight

Pinnacle offers customer satisfaction measurement via telephone survey to senior care and hospice providers. Pinnacle's feedback process is based off the idea that healthcare should be evaluated just like it is administered, individually. This process is the easiest way for senior care and hospice providers to understand the voice of their customer. For more information, please contact us.