Action Plan


This is an action plan for improving customer satisfaction. This plan was created with client input to provide you with the best resource possible.

  1. Identify Your Focus Area

  2. Analyze Trends & Comments

  3. Create Measurable Goals

  4. Write Action Items

  5. Report, Record & Review

  6. Work Toward Excellence


Identify Your Focus Area

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Improving customer satisfaction begins by identifying what aspects of your service affect customers’ overall satisfaction. Pinnacle Quality Insight has identified your focus area, the area that is most influential in improving your overall scores. The way you treat your customers and respond to problems impacts how your customers perceive your company. By focusing your efforts on the right area, you can make significant change in customer satisfaction.


Understanding and using your data are essential in creating an effective action plan. To get the most out of the data you receive, follow these steps:

  1. Read your entire customer satisfaction report as a team.

  2. Look at the trends for each key indicator you are focusing on. Identify which ones are trending upward and which are trending downward. When analyzing trends, it is best to compare 12 months worth of data as seen above.

  3. If your survey results include comments that the respondents have provided, gather all the comments and read them. We recommend looking at 12 months worth of comments. Group the comments by question, associated score and interview date. Doing this can help you identify trends in comments. Look for comments that reference areas your customers appreciate, improvements they recommend and statements that provide value.

  4. Depending on the situation, conduct a root cause analysis to ensure your team is focusing on the root of the problem.


Create Measurable Goals

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Look at the areas where you are trending down and at the comments that point to areas needing improvement.

  • Determine how this information affects into your current QAPI goals and plan.

  • Consider implementing a Performance Improvement Project (PIP) to address the areas that need work.

Learn more about developing a QAPI plan on the CMS website.


Write Action Items

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When a PIP charter is established, it provides the direction the team needs to take but does not describe the steps to achieve the goal. The next step is to identify a concrete action plan.

  1. Remember to avoid superficial quick fixes and instead focus on underlying problems.

  2. Break down large items into smaller tasks.

  3. Set deadline for completing tasks.

  4. Contact all respondents who include their name on their survey to thank them and follow up on action items. Never corner a respondent about feedback they have submitted. Express appreciation that they have pointed out areas where you can improve. The best way to deal with negative feedback is to listen.


Report, Record, & Review

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Do not ignore these steps. Without them, you cannot properly track your progress.

  1. Share your successes and roadblocks with your team.

  2. Look for unintended consequences of your efforts.

  3. If problems persist, perform a root cause analysis.

  4. Identify additional steps needed to resolve outstanding issues.

  5. Keep simple notes about projects for future reference.

  6. Create calendar reminders to follow up in the future on successful operational changes to make sure they are still running smoothly.


Work Toward Excellence

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Improving should never be about gaining recognition from others. Instead, it should come from the desire to provide the care you would want to receive.

At Pinnacle, we encourage our clients to work toward achieving excellency in each of the five areas that contribute to the “Recommend to Others” score. We do this because we want to help our clients become the best that they can be.