HMRVSI is the gold standard in management services for State Veterans Homes. They provide cost-effective services and continuum of care that meets the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and rehabilitative needs of our nation’s Veterans. HMRSVSI is committed to providing a warm and stimulating environment that will enhance and improve their residents’ quality of life.


Why Pinnacle

“HMR considers Pinnacle a top provider within their segment and would not use any other provider. We view Pinnacle as providing three separate services: customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and customer relations to our organization internally.

“HMR Veterans Services, Inc. started using Pinnacle Quality Insight for our Customer Satisfaction surveys in February 2016. We had such great feedback from our administrators who used the product that we implemented a company-wide change with our customer satisfaction program, switching entirely over to Pinnacle. The surveys allow our administrators and vice presidents to track quantitative and qualitative data and use the data to further develop our customer service program in our QAPI meetings. Furthermore, the interviews have more of “the good stuff”—meaning actual qualitative feedback rather than just numbers. When family members allow, we can use their comments to directly address specific issues rather than just numbers on a spreadsheet. We use the interviews to further improve our organization’s grievance process in a systematic way. 

“Shortly after our organization started using the Customer Satisfaction surveys, we started using their services for the employee satisfaction surveys as well. Most recently, we discontinued our previous vendor for this service because of the fantastic results we have had through Pinnacle. Their employee survey is quick, easy, and to the point. It is also available on any device with internet connection. This has made our annual customer service survey much easier to implement, while also saving tons of paper in the process, which is helping us go green.

“Finally, our organization uses Pinnacle because of their great products. We value Pinnacles’ commitment to us as a customer most of all. Any time we have had any questions or concerns, Pinnacle’s team of employees have addressed them in a timely manner. Chris Magleby, Sarah Dirks, Kaniesa Shields, and Daniel Silva have all been an integral part in what has been a fantastic business partnership over the past two years. We wanted a survey-based company that would build their contract off relationships, not profits. That was precisely what Pinnacle did with us.

All nine of our State Veterans Homes now use Pinnacle for both Customer Satisfaction surveys and Employee Satisfaction surveys. We couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with Pinnacle. Two years ago, we had no way to track our facilities’ performances across our own organization, let alone the industry. Now, we have individual, regional, and company analysis reports comparing our own numbers to competition. We also have industry-standard numbers. It is fantastic. We recommend it for the Idaho State Veterans homes and are happy to speak with them as a reference as well.”

Michael McBride II, Director of Compliance & Finance



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