I travel quite a bit for work and for fun. Yesterday I was on my way to Washington D.C. and happened to be seated next to a mom traveling with four kids. The youngest was under two and sitting on her lap. He was pretty restless. He was loud, and really wanted to run around. He was a normal toddler.

His mom was amazing. I can't imagine how stressed she was about making the people around her uncomfortable. She was really doing her best to keep the kids settled down. The youngest one cried sometimes and went crazy a few times, but honestly I don't think anyone on the plane cared. We were too impressed with how this mom was handling all her kids.

I regret not telling her how great she did on that long flight.

My experience is that a lot of moms are this good with their kids. That's pretty amazing when you think about it. This supermom on the plane made me start to think about all the moms that work for Pinnacle. We have about 130 people that conduct surveys for Pinnacle. Roughly 100 of them work from home, 90% of those are stay-at-home moms who were looking for a job they could do in the home.

As someone who was raised by a supermom, and also happens to be married to one, it makes me so happy and proud to entrust our most essential business operation to these supermoms.

If you know any supermoms who happen to be looking to work from home, send them here. (We hire superdads and childless superhumans as well.)