It's Easy to Start

Start by adding your employees.

Import or add your employees and request their contact information.

Acknowledge special days.

Keep track of special days through simple, automated reminders.

Ask how things are going.

Stay in-the-know through automated surveys how your employees are feeling as they acclimate and grow in their positions. Learn about why they leave when they go.

Receive simple, useful reports.

Understand your biggest expense better—employees. Recognize trends and learn from easy-to-read reports.

“The caregiver shortage is an absolute train wreck waiting to happen.”

Paul Osterman, Ph.D.
Professor of Human Resources Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cutting turnover like an angry pastry chef.

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People are our purpose. We’re here to help you hear and understand your employees. In fact, we created this product because it’s what our clients told us was one of their main pain points. We care about you and want to help you succeed in keeping happy, productive employees who can help you grow your community.