High employee turnover is both expensive and avoidable. Many of the most common reasons for quitting are preventable through clear communication. It is imperative to make sure your relationship with your employees is healthy and exposes issues such as lack of recognition or training. Giving employees a chance to speak their mind and be heard is one of the least expensive ways to boost morale and increase job satisfaction.

With the amount of time they spend building your business, employees deserve the chance to voice their concerns and ideas, and are often an untapped source of profitable suggestions.

RETAIN will help you improve your relationships and communication levels with your employees. RETAIN provides the following features:

  • New Hire Surveys (15-, 30-, 60-, and 90-day surveys)
  • An annual Engagement Survey
  • An annual Pulse Survey (administered 6 months after the Engagement Survey)
  • Exit Surveys
  • At-Risk Reporting
  • Daily news feed notifications
  • Turnover Report (with filtering for department, age, and milestone)
  • Milestone Tracking (100-day, annual anniversary, and birthday)
  • Easily see who has read surveys
  • Discussion portal with user tagging
  • Device-responsive software (view on cell, tablet, or computer)

Employee Satisfaction

Employee dissatisfaction can very often go unnoticed while administration is busy resolving issues. Our healthcare employee satisfaction surveys are designed to keep you on the pulse of your employees' overall attitude, and make employee satisfaction and high morale happen easily and naturally.