Mystery Shopper

Healthcare Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopper, our healthcare mystery shopping service, helps you monitor your intake process. After 10 years conducting thousands of phone-based mystery shoppers, we have discovered that an alarming number of facilities lose inquiries due to the following factors:

  • Staff members failing to ask for follow-up information
  • Not answering the phone quickly enough
  • Staff not following up quickly enough
  • Staff unfriendliness

How our healthcare mystery shopping service works:

Our professionally trained mystery shoppers stage a recorded inquiry call to your facility. If requested, we leave a callback number in order to record and timestamp the follow-up call. We then deliver the recordings time-stamped in an MP3 / WAV format. Through the recording, you will quickly see how friendly your staff is to prospective customers, and by time-stamping the follow-up call you can see just how quickly follow-up happens or if it doesn't happen at all.

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