Customer Satisfaction

Healthcare Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A Word on Customer Satisfaction

Most healthcare customer satisfaction surveys are designed to impress others, rather than improve and accurately measure customer satisfaction. They focus more on how you compare nationally instead of actual improvement and insight into increasing satisfaction.

Problems associated with typical healthcare customer satisfaction surveys:

  • Inability to identify who gives specific complaints, therefore unable to resolve isolated incidents
  • Results are only received once a year
  • Results take too long to get back to management
  • Results are often difficult to interpret--a numerical-only score doesn't say enough about what changes need to be made
  • Very little commentary from residents--few people take the time to thoroughly write out their feelings and thoughts
  • Not enough returns to be valid

Pinnacle's Healthcare Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution

Pinnacle understands senior and long-term care, the challenges you face and your desires to give resident-centered care without having to invest in countless new programs and initiatives. To make this happen easily and naturally for you, we have designed a healthcare customer satisfaction tool with the following benefits:

  • Know who gave the feedback--Less than 2% of respondents choose to remain anonymous, which allows you to quickly follow up with and address individual needs, making resident-centered care happen easily and naturally.
  • Monthly interviews keep you in touch with fluid changes--Rather than a one-time annual survey to your entire census, Pinnacle parses out smaller samples of your overall census and conducts monthly interviews. Our clients are always in touch with how customers perceive changes to programs and personnel.
  • Commentary. Commentary. Commentary.--Because far more people prefer to explain their thoughts than write them down, (notice how often you use your cell phone vs writing a hand written letter) Pinnacle will interview your patients and transcribe their comments. This gives your customers a chance to explain themselves in a way that feels easy and natural.
  • Immediate notification of urgent healthcare customer satisfaction survey responses--In addition to monthly reports, you will receive prompt notification if any of the following urgent needs are mentioned:
    • Litigation
    • State Issues
    • Discharge Planning Due to Dissatisfaction
    • Risk & Pain Management Issues
    • Medication Issues
    • Placement Referrals
  • Numerical scoring as well as transcribed comments--Our healthcare customer satisfaction survey results are easily understood and interpreted by everyone from the C-suite to your CNA interns. Our reports provide you with satisfaction levels of each individual and an easy-to-follow road map to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Feedback from the majority of residents and family members--Interviewing 5-10% of your census each month will provide you with real-time knowledge of residents' personal thoughts and feelings towards any changes in programs or personnel. Over the course of a year, we will contact between 60-90% of your patient base for a healthcare satisfaction survey, yielding a margin-of-error between 3% and 9%, depending on your patient mix.
  • A positive user experience--The individual is at the heart of our survey process. We conduct very personable, comfortable one-on-one interviews to draw out candid, detailed feedback from your patients and families. They appreciate the chance to have a voice in the quality of care being provided.