Census Development

Senior Care and Nursing Home Census and Marketing Software

Marketing activity for senior care and nursing home facilities is often done in an unplanned, almost random fashion. Visits are tracked on spreadsheets or handwritten on clipboards, without a way to measure ROI. Many don't have a marketing plan. Many more don't have a central system to track progress.

Having the ability to track and organize senior care or nursing home census and marketing efforts enables companies to know what is, and what isn't helping their business. Pinnacle's healthcare census and marketing software was developed with senior care and nursing home providers in mind who need a simple, web based solution that is both complete in its reporting, and user-friendly in design.

Our web-based software gives you an organized tool that helps you:

  • Create a marketing plan
  • Record your marketing efforts
  • Track referrals
  • Evaluate effectiveness of marketing plan

The reports generated from your data keep your fingers on the pulse of your referral sources. Compare your referrals generated versus your time and effort spent recruiting those referrals. Receive alerts if a frequent referral source refers fewer patients, or stops altogether.

While your competitors may not know how effective their marketing efforts are, with Pinnacle's healthcare and marketing software you will have the advantage you need. You will know at all times where your growth is coming from, and where you should spend your efforts.