checking up, not checking boxes

The individual is at the heart of our survey process. Pinnacle conducts personable, comfortable, one-on-one phone interviews to draw out candid, detailed feedback. These interviews can be conducted with both customers and employees.

Customer Satisfaction

Pinnacle QI is the leading provider of healthcare customer satisfaction surveys for senior care and nursing home. Contact us today to learn more!


With RETAIN, employee retention is ridiculously easy. This online software suite identifies which employees are at risk for quitting based on their survey responses. RETAIN helps you know who to contact and when so you can increase engagement and reduce turnover.

CoreQ Survey

Pinnacle makes it simple for you to begin surveying your residents using the CoreQ standardized questions. Find out why Pinnacle is the leading CoreQ vendor and how conducting CoreQ surveys at your locations can benefit you.

Mystery Shopper

Pinnacle QI offers healthcare mystery shopping for senior care and nursing home facilities looking to improve current and prospective customer service experiences.

Web Promotion

Pinnacle QI's nursing home directory and senior care directory will help you increase your visiblity, web traffic and credibility. Get listed today!


The HH-CAHPS® services by Pinnacle provide a complete Home Health CAHPS® solution. Find out why you can trust Pinnacle, an industry leader, to help you.

Hospice CAHPS®