Checking up, not checking boxes

The individual is at the heart of our senior care and nursing home quality assurance and improvement process. Pinnacle conducts personable, comfortable, one-on-one phone interviews to draw out candid, detailed feedback from both customers and employees.

Customer satisfaction

Most healthcare customer satisfaction surveys are designed to impress others, rather than improve and accurately measure customer satisfaction. They focus more on how you compare nationally instead of actual improvement and insight into increasing satisfaction. Pinnacle understands senior and long-term care, the challenges you face and your desires to give resident-centered care without having to invest in countless new programs and initiatives.

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High employee turnover is both expensive and avoidable. Many of the most common reasons for quitting are preventable through clear communication. It is imperative to make sure your relationship with your employees is healthy and exposes issues such as lack of recognition or training. Giving employees a chance to speak their mind and be heard is one of the least expensive ways to boost morale and increase job satisfaction. RETAIN enables you to increase your communication with your employees through automated surveys. The notifications in the news feed keep it simple for you to stay on top updated information and employee milestones.

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