Nursing Home Directory

Many of our clients have indicated that they are looking for a way to get positive information about their facility on the web. We have so many positive testimonials and feedback from the surveys we gather, that we are launching a new site to promote you to the public.

The site is It is a review site for nursing homes. The site will list your 12 month average for the question “Recommend to Others” as a star rating. It will also list comments from that same question where the respondent gave you a 5.

You must opt-in to this service in order to have your facility reviews listed online. You do not have to participate in this service if you do not wish to.

We highly recommend that you opt in. Having customer reviews online is the number one way to build credibility with internet users. It's also an excellent way to stand out from competitors who do not have reviews online.

We are spending a lot of energy and resources optimizing the site so that it will be very visible online. This is a tremendous way to boost your online presence.

How to opt in:

Your December Customer Satisfaction Report (delivered in January 2016) will have a unique link to preview your listing and to give your authorization to make your page live on the web.

Please visit Nursing Home Directory Frequently Asked Questions for more information.