Pamela Rios-Menter(LCSW, Vice President - Psychosocial Services, Piñon Management)

As a manager of consultants, we find the customer reports very helpful. The consultants can easily identify areas of customer improvement, as identified on the reports, and work with the facility to indentify methods of improvement. Once an improvement plan has been identified, we can follow the progress on the subsequent reports. Additionally, our managed facilities share both the employee and customer reports with the facility staff. This is great feedback that perhaps may have been difficult to obtain without the assistance of the specific questions that the Pinnacle survey asks.

Sharon Kean(RN, MBA - Victorville HHA Services)

Since I have a few minutes and while we are on the subject of quality. I want to thank you and your staff for the assistance that you have given us to comply with the CAHPS mandate. The transition was simple and you have made compliance with this program a breeze. Besides being an owner of an agency, I am also a consultant and I have seen what some of the other vendors are doing. No reminders to submit the names of patients, no reports or if there are reports they are not professional and do not furnish very much information. When I have had questions, your staff has responded to me quickly. I feel that if the vendor does not act professionally when I interact with them, how are they treating my patients? When the vendor interacts with my patients, they are projecting my agency. Again thank you for your assistance and help.

Dirk Anjewierden(Executive Director - Utah Healthcare Association)

The recent increase in quality of service rating for Utah facilities is greatly attributed to the participation in Pinnacle's program.

Colleen Rundell(M.S., LNHA, Administrator - Vermont Veterans' Home)

Pinnacle offers a relatively inexpensive program that produces a number of significant positive outcomes for the Vermont Veterans' Home. We have used the Pinnacle data to enhance our resident's quality of life, improve regulatory surveys, educate our legislators and Board of Trustees, and market our services to potential admissions. As an administrator, I find the data tremendously helpful and recommend it to my peers.

Beth Alford(V.P. of Risk Management - Tutera Health Care Services)

I find the Pinnacle 'Focus on Customer Satisfaction' reports to be a critical tool in providing an early warning system for family concerns.

Gary L. Thietten(RN BSN, President - Idaho Home Health and Hospice, Inc.)

The experts teach that health care providers doing their own surveys really do not know the real thoughts of their patient clients. Soon after implementing Pinnacle's surveys, we found this clearly to be the case. We found we needed to improve. Our team, knowing that they are monitored by Pinnacle and our administration's careful review of each patient's survey, now experience, in most patients surveyed, perfect or near perfect scoring and Best of Class in many areas surveyed. When there is an occasional issue raised by a client we immediately review the issue with our team and the client. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to perform your patient satisfactions surveys.

Brent Weil(Regional Vice President - SunBridge Healthcare)

We refer to Pinnacle as our partners. We refer to their expertise and experience to guide all of our marketing efforts.

Van Moore(Westcare Management)

[Pinnacle] reminds me of the book by Fred Lee, If Disney Ran Your Hospital. In chapter 4, he talks about customer satisfaction surveys, and the chapter's title, Do You Survey to Impress or to Improve?... the Pinnacle process allows you to improve.

Fred Sganga(Executive Director - Long Island State Veterans Home)

One of our beliefs is that "If you are not measuring it, you are not monitoring it." The Pinnacle Customer Satisfaction survey process gives us the critical data we require to exceed our customers' expectations. The Pinnacle people have become our partners and have exceeded our expectations as well.

Edward Bangerter(President - Rocky Mountain Home Care)

I have always appreciated that Pinnacle is a research company specifically for our industry. Most of Pinnacle's executives have home health/skilled care backgrounds. They really understand what our business is about and they know what kind of feedback we need to operate effectively. They also understand our patients. The interview is always such a pleasant experience for our customers. I would absolutely recommend Pinnacle.