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At Pinnacle Quality Insight we are lucky to have a staff that is focused on our core value that individuals are the most important part of life. Together we are focused on helping our clients be better health care providers.

Stan Magleby - President & Founder

Stan MaglebyPresident & Founder

Stan is the president and founder of Pinnacle Quality Insight. With decades of experience in Long term and Senior Care, Stan founded Pinnacle with the mission of delivering resident-centered data to operators in an easy, usable format. Stan continues to direct Pinnacle, and under his leadership Pinnacle has grown to provide services to clients in 49 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. When not at the office, Stan enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, cycling, and golfing with friends.

Chris Magleby - CEO

Chris MaglebyCEO

Chris, a graduate of the University of Utah, has been with Pinnacle since 2003. He, along with Stan, are the two owners of Pinnacle. Chris's focus at Pinnacle has been creating a culture within the company that attracts interesting and talented employees who can provide the best service and quality to our clients. Since Pinnacle clearly has the best staff in the history of earth, and all the other planets in our galaxy, we think he's done a good job. Chris lives in Highland, Utah with his wife Ailee (who could do much better than him, but he is glad she settled) and their two children. He enjoys golfing, basketball, and not sleeping at night.

Rich Goaslind - COO

Rich GoaslindCOO

They say jovial means "cheerful and friendly", but around here, that's just Rich. Rich oversees business development, technology development, finances, and the production/delivery of each of Pinnacle's spectacular products. He helps Pinnacle continue our history of steady growth while never forgetting the importance of each and every customer. In his spare time Rich enjoys, reading, golfing and relaxing with family and friends.

Brady Carlsen - Vice President, Business Development

Brady CarlsenVice President, Business Development

Brady manages customer relations and increases clientele. He regularly meets with owners and administrators of senior and long-term care to help them increase census, revenue, quality of care, and assist with customer needs. In his free time, Brady's an avid runner and true outdoorsman. He's an award winning man, literally.

Spencer Corbett - Director of Product Management

Spencer CorbettDirector of Product Management

Spencer Corbett is responsible for ensuring that all of the customer satisfaction surveys are completed in a timely manner and that they maintain our high standards for quality. His duties include hiring, training and making sure those he is in charge of are at the top of their game. He graduated from Utah Valley University in Spanish and Business. Spencer is, more importantly, the righteously self-proclaimed leader of Pinnacle's Food Alliance ("if you sit next to him, you share food"), always willing and ready to absorb ones leftovers from lunches and dinners. However, it should be noted: Spencer's love for food is principled, and comes from a storied career in butchery and university cafeteria craftsmanship.

Jeffrey Ellsworth - Director of Technology

Jeffrey EllsworthDirector of Technology

There's a lot going on under the hood at Pinnacle, and Jeff manages the shop that keeps it running. That shop is named Tech Town, and it's an interesting place. There's a special fridge containing only Mountain Dew, and unlike other places, if the lights aren't on, hard work is surely being done. Jeff helps to keep just the right level of dim. He has a background in development, and isn't afraid of 'foreach' loops and curly brackets. Though what really sets him apart as a bigger nerd than you would have already guessed from the picture and text, is his love of new and sometimes useless technologies, and, of course, the Tesla Model S.

Anna Harman - Manager, Operations

Anna HarmanManager, Operations

Anna Harman is the Product Manager for Pinnacle Mystery Shopper; she oversees and assures that the Mystery Shopper product is conducted and delivered at the highest quality and in a timely manner. Anna is also Pinnacle's longtime office manager, she provides all employees with the office equipment necessary to conduct their duties; plans and schedules company events, meetings, outings and prevents the Operations Team and higher management from burning down the building on any given day with unsupervised space heaters or overcooked microwave popcorn. Selflessly, Anna also regularly volunteers to deliver food to the elderly with Meals on Wheels. On the off chance that Anna is blessed with spare time, you'll find her spending it with her grandson.

Kim Martinsen - Manager, Finance

Kim MartinsenManager, Finance

Kim Martinsen is the Financial Manager for Pinnacle Quality Insight. As Financial Manager, her duties and responsibilities include: Accounts payables, accounts receivables, addressing any client questions regarding their account, maintaining Pinnacle's book-keeping, and collections. Kim also brings a lot of joy to our office every other week. AKA, delivers paychecks to our desks. Kim loves hosting parties and anything that involves spending time with family.

Bruno Lopez - Call Center Manager, Quality Assurance

Bruno LopezCall Center Manager, Quality Assurance

As Quality Assurance Manager, Bruno is responsible for the auditing and reviewing of our interviewers' work. His team makes sure that each survey meets the highest quality standards. As Call Center Manager, Bruno also is responsible for the supervision and performance tracking of Pinnacle's call center, working directly with our in-office interviewers. Lastly, Bruno is also the CAHPS Project Manager and the first point of contact between PQI and Center for Medicare Services to assure complete adherence to government rules and regulations. He enjoys keeping up on national politics, and frequently volunteers to coach and judge High School Debate competitions across the state.

Calvin Prestwich - Manager, Business Development

Calvin PrestwichManager, Business Development

Calvin Prestwich is a Manager in our Sales and Marketing Department. He works primarily with Home Care providers. Calvin is an expert of HH-CAHPS surveys and many of the other products offered to Home Care Providers. When he's not in the office, he enjoys cycling, motocross, trail-running, hunting, and hanging out with his family.

Cheri Larsen - Lead Editor

Cheri LarsenLead Editor

Cheri is the lead editor for Pinnacle. She edits many different types of reports, plus provides ongoing training for new interviewers. She started working for Pinnacle in 2005 as an at-home interviewer. She loved the thought of helping seniors, even in some small way, have a voice. Reading is one of Cheri's passions, although she often gets sidetracked from the story to study the grammar. Family keeps her busy outside of work, and music and a Diet Coke keep her calm and happy.

Jessica Jones - Director of Account Management

Jessica JonesDirector of Account Management

Jessica Jones is the Director of Account Management for Pinnacle Quality Insight. She oversees the Account Management team and handles client communication for many of our customers. As Director of Account Management, she is also responsible for coordinating the timely delivery of reports and generating custom reports when needed. Jessica has a degree in Organizational Studies from Arizona State University, and recently relocated to Salt Lake City from Phoenix, AZ. She enjoys trail running, Pilates, reading, and going on weekend trips with friends and family. Jessica likes to be well-rounded so she also tries to make time for beauty treatments, fashion, and reality TV.

Kaniesa Shields - Account Manager

Kaniesa ShieldsAccount Manager

If you haven't already had the pleasure of speaking to Kaniesa, give us a call sometime afterhours and she'll guide you through the process of leaving us a message. During regular hours, Kaniesa communicates closely with our customers and keeps a coordinated eye on the product's process up until delivery, where she then takes over. She's a graduate of the University of Utah and although her diploma doesn't include it, she's exceptionally skilled in the art of hula hoop dancing. You may bump into her if you attend music events and festivals, unless she's home with her two kitties.

Katie Binks - Executive Assistant, Sales

Katie BinksExecutive Assistant, Sales

Katie works closely with the business development team, helping to ensure the transition to Pinnacle is organized and seemless. She also works on email campaigns and updates to our social media. Katie is also your contact for any Census Development needs. Katie loves hiking and spending time in the outdoors, as well as travelling, arts and crafts, and what should be an example to all of us, couponing.

Mandy Christensen - Editor

Mandy ChristensenEditor

As one of Pinnacle's four editors, Mandy is responsible for helping with editing all reports before they are sent to the client. Mandy was conducting interviews for Pinnacle for four years before becoming an editor. She started with a little bit of experience in the medical field, working at the bottom of the totem pole, both as a CNA and a restorative therapy aide in a nursing home, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Mandy loves vacations, any and every kind, no matter the length or the place, reading and cross-stitching.

Mindy Dupaix - Editor

Mindy DupaixEditor

Mindy began working for Pinnacle in 2005 as a home interviewer and transitioned to an editor a few years later. She first caught the editing bug as an editor for the newspaper at Weber State University where she graduated in Communication/Public Relations. She worked in event management, marketing and PR before joining Pinnacle, but she now thoroughly enjoys the challenge of making every survey perfect and ready for the client. Experiencing new adventures, especially with her family, and her love of dance, snowboarding, music, reading and sewing, are what keep her happy.

Ryan Walker - IT Manager, Information Systems

Ryan WalkerIT Manager, Information Systems

Ryan is responsible for the infrastructure of the information systems at Pinnacle. He supports the company servers, employee's computers and the phone system. Ryan has been a computer professional for over 30 years and loves to help keep the Pinnacle employees as effective as possible though technology. Ryan is an avid outdoors person. He loves spending time with his family at his cabin, hiking, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, camping, river-running, scuba diving, and he even teaches rappelling to youth groups.

Sarah Dirks - Regional Director, Business Development

Sarah DirksRegional Director, Business Development

Sarah, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has been in the healthcare industry for 7 years and has worked in both Acute and Post-Acute Care. Her passion is to help others and with her strong commitment to the senior community, Long Term Care is a perfect fit. Working with Providers on their quality improvement efforts is a pure joy for Sarah, which is good because it's what she's great at. Her focus at Pinnacle is to expand awareness of the innovative solutions offered and to cultivate relationships on a national level. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys shopping, running, shopping, spending time with her husband and daughter, and occasionally, shopping.

Shauntelle Stephenson - Editor

Shauntelle StephensonEditor

Shauntelle started with Pinnacle in November of 2013. She gained an understanding of the importance of good communication as she cared for her daughter's medical needs, and now volunteers at the local children's hospital helping other families. She loves knowing the product Pinnacle provides will help keep communication open and let others have a voice in their care. She loves spending time with her family and recognizes that each day together is a gift. She loves little vacations, painting furniture, working in her yard, and having a nice, cold Coke while she edits.

Sheree Parent - Trainer

Sheree ParentTrainer

Sheree is responsible for training our interviewers in each and every aspect of conducting quality surveys for our customers. Sheree loves her job, but when she isn't working, she loves to play games, go to the movies and spend time with her family. She is very artistic and loves to create amazing cakes, as well as making crafts and drawing. On quieter days, you will find her reading a good book.