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Here are some of the jobs we are actively looking for right now:

In-office opportunities:

Software Engineer: Pinnacle gets it. Software engineers build the wheels on the proverbial bus, and also keep them turning. Pinnacle is always looking for talented software engineers who want a new, exciting opportunity, to create efficient tools in a meaningful field. Applicants should feel very comfortable working with, and maintaining, advanced web applications. The primary responsibility of our software engineers is to write code. They will work as a team, with other engineers, and closely with the lead architect and technology director, to ensure the goals and priorities of each project are realized. Right now, we're specifically looking for developers with several years of OOP PHP programming, especially in the Laravel framework. Apply here.

Interviewers: We often are looking for interviewers who truly enjoy talking to seniors. Each interviewer receives extensive training in customer service and leadership, learning or enhancing skills that will help in the office and in life. We provide a business casual atmosphere that enhances the quality of the interviews we conduct. We currently conduct interviews in English, Russian and Spanish. If you have any of these language skills, let us know! If you are interested in opportunities as an interviewer, please apply here.

At-home opportunities:

Interviewers: At-home interviewers are a very important part of our team. We love our at-home callers. From single moms to business men, we have a wide range of personalities and characters that provide the same excellent quality of surveys as our in-office interviewers. Working from home means flexible hours and days, allowing you to still be a parent, an employee looking for a side job or someone that just loves to be at-home while working. If you type at least 55 WPM, reside in the state of Utah, and are interested in working from home, please apply here.